My 21st Century Restoration of the Blog

Civil War Theater Map - Including Fredericksburg Virginia

Hello!  How are things?  Glad to have you reading this blog on a day you could have spent doing other things but, hey, here you are. Because I don’t tweet, I blog.  Tweeting is twitter and Jonah Goldberg writes, ““Twitter is like someone took the practice of blogging, put it in a centrifuge, and reduced […]

Lawyering on Grounds of General Intelligence

Dean Halliday Smith *PN in Office

My next novel (which as rodeo announcers say is, “in the chute,”) is a frontier lawyer mystery whodunit.  Without giving away the plot, let me give away part of the plot. Most westerns feature the cowboy as the self-reliant loner who comes along in time to save a town from marauding outlaws, like Shane with […]

Ewing Radio Interview

Thomas Ewing Jr - Frontier Lawyer and Civil War General - Book Cover Art

On September 25, 2009, Ron was interviewed by Prof. Gerry Prokopowicz, a history professor at East Carolina University and civil war expert in his own right, host of a weekly show on Civil War Talk Radio. The topic was Ron’s book Thomas Ewing Jr.: Frontier Lawyer and Civil War General, by the University of Missouri […]

Presentation at KC Library

KCMO Presentation by Dean Halliday Smith

Dean Halliday Smith* presented a lecture at the Kansas City, Missouri Public Library on his biography of Thomas Ewing Jr.: Frontier Lawyer and Civil War General. The book was published by the University of Missouri Press as part of their Blue and Grey series. Smith takes readers and listeners back to Bleeding Kansas, with its […]

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